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JDD Media is not a new name for readers of all ages and interests. With over 35 niche publications and global reach, the Joshua David Dinnerman promoted media group has always brought the most comprehensive coverage from various industries and sectors for connoisseurs, beginners and laymen. Josh Dinnerman, based in Hawaii Islands, caters to all sections of the society and believes in building a brand that does not only educates but also involves readers.
Joshua David Dinnerman Media or JDD Media works on a global level, and all its publications are targeted at the international audience. With an experienced in-house editorial team, professional photographers, well-qualified correspondents and a plethora of expert writers, JDD media has never compromised on the quality of services. All JDD publications encapsulate interviews, interactive quizzes, latest news, developments, columns, engrossing cover story, and breathtaking images.
Josh Dinnerman has publications encompassing varied sectors and industries like sports, art, health, fusion, travel, IT, pharma, films and more. The JDD Media group further endeavors to diversify its publications and bring to the readers heavy information and undiscovered stories from all parts of the world. Josh Dinnerman visualizes to drive a media group that brings journalism to a new level that effectively caters to the demands of ever-demanding international readers.