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David Josh Dinnerman and JDD Media have come up with an exclusive brand-Wineview which gives all the possible wine related information to the global wine connoisseurs. Joshua Dinnerman gives an interesting insight to the global readers with an up-to date information about the happenings in the wine industry which is useful to the global investors who are interested in making investments in this growing and profitable industry.
ArtView from the house of Joshua David Dinnerman Media is one of the several niche magazines to cater the need for comprehensive coverage.ArtView by JDD Media has been incepted with an objective to nourish the budding artists as well as providing an insight into the world of art.
Businessviewonline is a niche publication by Joshua Dinnerman in the fast growing business segment which takes the global industry professionals into a whole new world of business with latest happenings. Businessviewonline by Josh Dinnerman is targeted at the business needs of the growing global business community.
Joshua David Dinnerman, publisher of JDD Media, provides the best source of global information resource about the latest happenings in the global IT arena with Computeview. Computeview gives a complete coverage of the latest global trends in the IT sector, news updates and a deep insight into the world of computers.Joshua Dinnerman from JDD Media consistently strives to cover all the exhaustive information.
Diningview by Josh Dinnerman takes the global readers on an exciting journey to give them the finest dining experience at happening locations across the globe. Diningview, conceptualized by Joshua David Dinnerman gives complete access to the global readers about the happenings in the restaurant and hotel industry. Global readers can catch up with the latest restaurants that have opened across various global destinations with Diningview.
Educationview, pioneered by Joshua Dinnerman and JDD Media provides a broad spectrum of educational resources for the global students and industry professionals who are seeking opportunities abroad for higher education. Joshua Dinnerman and JDD Media provide a good insight to the global students with a vast array of information catering to various disciplines that are of great interest to the global community of students as a whole.
Healthful View By JDD Media of Joshua Dinnerman is a complete insight into the world of healthcare and fitness. Josh Dinnerman believes with the rapidly changing lifestyle, people are more prone to ailments that were lesser known in the yesteryears. So, this makes it important for Media channels like Joshua Dinnerman's JDD Media to bear the responsibility and make people aware of ways to keep fit and healthy.
Joshua David Dinnerman, founder and owner of JDD Media, presents HotelView - a niche media brand for the hotel industry and travelers. Josh Dinnerman, the man behind this enterprise, visualizes it as a one-stop-shop for information on travel & tourism and hotel industry at large.
Josh dinnerman and JDD Media provide a powerful insight into the most dramatic events that have changed the history of the entire world. Joshua David Dinnerman and JDD Media give the readers amazing stories and insight into global events through Historyview that have helped create past history and carved the destiny of the entire world. Inspiring tales from the past, noble acts of bravery and courage shown on the battlefield are some of the features of the Historyview magazine.
Homeview, by Joshua David Dinnerman and JDD Media is a premium brand offering in the home décor and real estate segment. Josh Dinnerman brings all the latest news and happenings about the latest trends across the global real estate scenario along with interesting news and features on new home products that are launched across the world in different segments.
Lawviewonline by Josh Dinnerman is the best available legal resource of information that provides in-depth information to the global legal professionals about the current happenings in this industry. Joshua Dinnerman and JDD Media provide an overview of the global legal industry that is undergoing drastic changes by bringing in the latest news that helps in educating the legal and global industry professionals with focus on different legal areas.
Joshua Dinnerman and JDD Media have provided a complete resource of information targeted at people across the globe with Medicalview. Medicalview by Josh Dinnerman provides a holistic view of the increasing health problems encountered by the global people and seeks to create greater awareness among the people.
Onlinemortgageview, by Joshua Dinnerman is a premium brand that focuses on the global mortgage industry by giving a wide coverage of information of this rapidly growing segment to the global readers.  Josh Dinnerman and JDD Media have stressed on the growing importance of the booming mortgage industry across the world with home loan financing gaining greater momentum than ever before.
JDD Media, founded by Joshua David Dinnerman, presents a niche media brand for the movie lovers through MovieView.

According to the editorial group of JDD Media, MovieView portrays the in-depth story and analysis of the entertainment industry.